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Youth Ministeries

Art for Humanity

Young AS-SC parishioners collect and donate gently-used shoes, boots, sports shoes etc. and turn them over to Art for Humanity an organization dedicated to recycling shoes with more life in them to persons in developing countries who appreciate having shoes to wear as they walk many miles to conduct their business, get to school, collect water and farm the land. Shoes help prevent injury and the spread of disease. Persons with connections to thrift shops or other retail outlets can sometimes arrange to pick up excess shoes which would otherwise be discarded, and donate them to Art for Humanity. Containers designated for the shoes are located in the rear of the church.

Boxes of Love

Each year the children and youth of AS-SC collect shoe boxes, decorate them for Christmas and with the help of their parents and other donors' pocketbooks, fill the boxes with love, Christmas greetings and fun or useful things such as small stuffed animals, small flashlights and extra batteries, toothbrushes and paste, shirts, Bible stories, pencils, small games and puzzles, jump ropes, hair accessories, hard candies, etc. All of the donated items are brought together, and the kids plan and pack the boxes, adding Christmas notes from our children to the children receiving our Boxes of Love. We deliver the boxes to a local church collection site and "Samaritan Purse" collects and delivers the boxes all over the world to children who would otherwise not have a Christmas gift.

Nets for Life

The bishop’s Nets for Life Inspiration Fund is a youth-led campaign throughout the Diocese of Virginia which is working towards the goal of sending 20,000 mosquito nets to Sub-Saharan Africa in an effort to prevent malaria, especially among children.  Malaria is a common, infectious, deadly disease transmitted by mosquito bites. Sub-Saharan Africa has the most deadly strand of malaria. There, a child dies of malaria every 60 seconds.  Malaria can be prevented by use of a mosquito net. Each mosquito net is treated with insecticide, which lasts up to a year’s worth of washes.  If 75% of the people in a village sleep under these nets, the mosquito population is decreased by 90%—a fantastic-drastic decrease!  All Saints – Sharon Chapel youth will have approximately one fundraising event a month throughout the year, and many other fun, family-oriented events, with all proceeds going towards Nets for Life. The goal for the year is to raise $3,500.


For more information, contact the church office at 703-960-4808 or by e-mail.