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Pastoral Care & Crisis Ministry

All Saints Sharon Chapel Pastoral Care & Crisis Ministry is there for you when you need us or you can join us to be there for someone else in need.

Pastoral Care & Crisis Ministry

We are all God’s people. We seek to embrace and care for our fellow members of the holy family of God.

Today as members of All Saints Sharon Chapel community we are involved in pastoral care. At All Saints Sharon Chapel, pastoral care includes each member of our congregation, both to serve and to be served.

We value family, belonging and inclusion, thus as a pastoral care minister we seek to know, value, and love each member of our congregation and offer services, assistance and resources to help meet their needs. For home-bound parishioners this may mean bringing communion, helping with meals, or furnishing transportation. For others, a phone call, card or visit may provide a needed boost. Sometimes guidance or mentoring may help someone through a crisis.

Through our ministry of listening, caring and presence we serve as representatives of the whole body of Christ. We seek to bring the love, hope and prayers of the church to those in need. In giving, we receive.

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