New Vestry Leadership

Dear Sharon Chapel,

It is with great pleasure I announce the election of Larry Turmel as your Senior Warden and Wayne Johnson as your Junior Warden. Please congratulate them when you see them on Sunday!

Service and ministry as a member of the Vestry of All Saints Sharon Chapel is a powerful and challenging undertaking. Our own bylaws spell it out clearly. Vestry members shall...

" with the Rector to promote the spiritual welfare of the parish, supporting and encouraging the Rector and other clergy in the employment of their gifts and potential. Principles to be followed include: empowering the laity, exercising decisiveness and a bias toward action, openness, accountability, effective stewardship of time and resources, maximizing the potential gifts of people, the development of leaders for the future, minimizing bureaucracy, and focus on our purpose in the Kingdom." Our Vestry is not a rubber stamp. They do not serve to just handle the business-side of things. Our Vestry continues to work and serve for the Kingdom of God in Alexandria and the spiritual welfare of this parish. I am grateful for their service and I look forward to working with them, supported by Larry's and Wayne's leadership, throughout this year. This is going to be awesome!



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