Love is the Way!

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached during the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in Windsor, Britain.

The response is overwhelming, as it should be! Presiding Bishop Curry's message, Jesus' message resonates across our country and around the world - Love is the way, Love is the answer, Love has the power to transform the very face of our world!

Now it's our turn to share this message and to invite people into that Love. Here are links to Bishop Curry's sermon, interviews, and SNL "appearance". Send them to friends, forward them to family, use them to start conversations and to invite people into the Love of God in your life and the life of Sharon Chapel.

That's right, INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH to experience the Love of God!

You can invite them to Education Sunday and the picnic or to any Sunday or to Carpenter's shelter or to Laundry Love (more details to follow) or to Summer Camp or to CGS Day Camp!

We know the way to God. We know LOVE! It's time we share it more and more.



Royal Wedding Sermon

Bishop Curry's "Message of Joy" following the Royal Wedding

Bishop Curry on GMA

Bishop Curry on the Today Show

"Bishop Curry" on Saturday Night Live!


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