Liturgy & Worship for Summer

This Sunday we kick-off our Summer schedule for liturgy and worship and formation! We do this because it is one way in this season we can live into our values:

Family - we worship together, everyone changing some so that the family can be together;

Formation - liturgy forms us, brining us closer to God and closer to who God is making us to be, using gender-neutral language invites us to be formed in the image of God who is neither male nor female, using different language in our Eucharistic prayers invites us to consider new aspects of God's saving love and work in history;

Diversity - we stand united in many and varied traditions, cultures, and experiences, worshiping now in ways that may be less familiar or comfortable to some but that are life-giving and beautiful to others, such is the gift of our diversity.

So, come this Sunday, (come all summer), and worship our incarnate Lord as we seek to incarnate His love and His values in our life together.

09:00 - Bible Study (all ages) & Montessori Atrium (Toddlers through age 6)

09:30 - Summer Choir (7-99yrs)

10:00 - Holy Eucharist Rite II w/ Enriching Our Worship

11:15 - Coffee Hour & Forum


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