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Remembering Rev. Norbert & Link to Support Family

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Joy and peace, that's what I felt around Canon Rev. Norbert Kweku Ayeebo. Even when expressing frustration or sadness, Norbert exuded the deep joy and peace of Jesus Christ. His love for Hannah and his two boys with angel names, Raphael (12) and Gabriel (9) was obvious. He lit up with joy anytime he was asked about them. Norbert was a Priest Associate at Sharon Chapel during the 2017 to 2018 academic year while an international student at VTS. Wonderfully, Norbert was from the same region of Ghana as several families at Sharon Chapel. Norbert passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. His wife and sons need money for housing and to continue to send their sons to school. Education was a high priority for Norbert and Hannah. We are partnering with another VTS alumni to raise money for their family. If you would like to give to support Norbert's family, please use this link. -- Rev. Colleen Schiefelbein

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