Sharon Chapel, like any church, could not function without the unceasing efforts of so many. We've listed only a few of the ways our parishioners serve our church below but there are a multitude of opportunities for service for those called to do so.


Acolytes are altar servers and can be of either sex and any age (although usually no younger than eight). Sharon Chapel acolytes assist in worship by carrying the processional cross (crucifer) or torches during the processional, recessional and for Baptisms. They accept the presentation of the communion bread and wine and offering plates from the ushers and pass them to the priest for consecration and blessing. Our acolytes wear a white cassock-alb with girdle, a twisted rope with knots on the ends which is secured around the waist and crosses or other special pins or symbols. We welcome one and all to acolyte service. No experience is necessary and training is provided.


The Altar Guild acts as an extension of the Rector’s liturgical responsibilities, developing process and procedures for vessels and vestments, linens and hangings, flowers and candles, incense and other worship decorations and furnishings. The members prepare the church for worship services by drawing on knowledge of sacramental and worship theology, the priest’s desires, parishioners’ feelings and attitudes, and changes in art, technology, society and the economy. The Altar Guild oversees the functions of the sacristy to ensure the availability of the physical elements and proper disposition of the consecrated host.


“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

- Matthew 4:19


The Fishers newsletter informs parishioners of upcoming events, report on past events, and present articles and items of interest. It’s published weekly through email distribution as well as through the church blog.


Sharon Chapel Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist with the distribution of the wine at communion and in some cases, take communion to those who are not able to attend worship. The LEMs are licensed by the bishop and are trained by the Rector.


Lectors assist in Sunday worship by reading the appointed Lessons and Prayers of the People. All parishioners are invited to join this ministry.


At Sharon Chapel, our music brings us closer to God, deepens our faith, and engages persons of all ages, colors and backgrounds to bring what they have to a safe space for expressing their faith - regardless of perceived talent or musical taste. LEARN MORE>>