Parish Weekend at


June 19-21, 2020

Orkney Springs, Virginia

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Shrine Mont is a place where

...people are more important than things; where prayer and reflection, rest and recreation, are more important than appointments and tasks.


Shrine Mont is where

...we connect as a community and finally have time to meet each other, laugh together, and share stories of difficult commutes and...set life down for awhile.


Shrine Mont is a place where play out in God’s own creation and we all give thanks for streams and flowers and ponds full of fish.

Shrine Mont is

...marshmallows and memories—a place where we celebrate being part of the family of God. 

...experience the fellowship  of God's people...



The Shrine Mont retreat facility is owned and operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. Lodging is in a quaint old hotel and nearby cottages, all with private baths. Meals are served in the large dining room of Virginia House, the main conference facility. Tips are appreciated by the dining room staff.

Free Time Activities

Shrine Mont has something for everyone—unless you are looking for a TV!  Activities include fishing, hiking, porch sitting, sleeping, playing music with friends, crafts, reading, playing bridge, hayrides, games, wading in the pond, and more.


We will be holding programs Saturday morning for both adults and youth!  We will reconnect, reflect and grow together as a community in the beauty of God’s creation.


Our own great NURSERY comes with us for childcare during adult programming and periods of relaxation.  We will be holding a BONFIRE on Friday evening, a HAYRIDE on Saturday afternoon and we WORSHIP on Sunday morning together!  

Financial Aid

Please don’t let cost keep you from attending this important All Saints community event. Scholarships are available for funding; speak to Father Cayce or Cindy Stanley. Funding requests will be held in confidence. Remember both sharing and receiving are nurturing elements in our Community growth. If resources permit, please consider contributing to our scholarship fund. Donations will be cheerfully accepted and greatly appreciated.


Questions or more info? Contact Father Cayce, Cindy Stanley, or Kevin Brathwaite.

Celebrate the beauty of God's creation...

Shrine Mont is nestled among the trees at the foot of Great North Mountain at Orkney Springs, in the Shenandoah Valley about two+ hours from Alexandria.

Fellowship for children, youth+adults

Colorful mountains

Porch sitting

Friends, Family, and catching up



Adult and Youth Program

Music and Singing




Volleyball court

Camping Rings for S'mores and Stories

Horseshoes and Croquet

Scenic Hikes

Prayer Labyrinth


There are hundreds of reasons why you should come.

Here are a few:​


Jun 19-21, 2020 | Orkney Springs, Virginia