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3421 Franconia Road, Alexandria, VA, USA

Job Type

Sunday Worship

About the Role

Acolytes are altar servers and can be of either sex and any age (although usually no younger than eight). Sharon Chapel acolytes assist in worship by carrying the processional cross (crucifer) or torches during the processional, recessional and for Baptisms. They accept the presentation of the communion bread and wine and offering plates from the ushers and pass them to the priest for consecration and blessing. Our acolytes wear a white cassock-alb with girdle, a twisted rope with knots on the ends which is secured around the waist and crosses or other special pins or symbols. We welcome one and all to acolyte service. No experience is necessary and training is provided.

About Us

Founded simply as “the Chapel at Sharon” in 1848, All Saints Sharon Chapel has a rich history including war, occupation, fire, collapse and, most importantly, the grace of God to continue to serve our community through it all. Today, All Saints Sharon Chapel is the cherished home of an open and affirming, racially and ethnically diverse congregation holding steadfast to our best traditions while seeking to explore the spirit and will of God together.

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